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  • Diploma in Interior Design

  • Malaysian Skills Higher Certificate

I saw CSD Academy on the brochure and decided to choose this academy even I had started my foundation in other college. When I first came to CSD, I had zero knowledge about interior design and couldn't even know how to use a measuring tape.


After began the journey at here, I had learned in depth knowledge of interior design in this academy. Ms. Rena taught me many in depth knowledge on structural detailing as these are her expertise. I realized Interior Design is not just drawing and decorating. It involves many other skills and knowledge such as construction analysis, structural detailing and project management, etc.


I would like to express my gratitude for her patience on teaching me. Also, I'm appreciate Mr. Jimmy for teaching me 3D MAX drawing and professional rendering skills. Besides that, I would like to thank Mr. Alvin gave me guidance on how to analyze and solve site problems.

  • Diploma In Interior Design

  • Malaysian Skills Higher Certificate

Prior to become CSD Academy's student, I was introduced by my senior from this academy. The reason I chose Interior Design is because I prefer to achieve my dream in designing my dream house by myself. Besides, I have high demand to achieve a better quality of lifestyle. Therefore, I would like to design a comfortable home that best suited my requirements, so that I could convince people who come to my house to believe in my design.


CSD Academy provides many opportunities to have site visit activities and experience practical site inspection and measurement. During my internship, all knowledge and skills that I had gained in the academy can completely apply into work in my internship company. Therefore, I gained good compliments from my employer. This is because some of my colleagues did not have much experience on site measuring and didn't know how to perform experienced measuring skill.


What I learned in this academy is extremely useful and applicable in the workplace. This academy allows me to learn things that I would not be able to learn in other place. 


If we were studying in an ordinary college, we might be scared when we graduated and not confident enough to step into working environment, because we haven't really practically experience the tasks. However, we had practically experience all the theoretical and practical knowledge in CSD Academy. We are able to independently complete the work related tasks during the academic period. Therefore, we are not afraid and we have full of confidence to face all the working tasks and obstacles after graduated.

  • Bachelor of Professional Studies In Interior Design (Degree)

  • Malaysian Skills Higher Certificate

The reason I chose CSD Academy is because I needed to earn a Bachelor's Degree In Interior Design. I had learned many extremely useful and practical knowledge such as administration and documentation. These are helpful for me to produce the submission drawing and hand over to the mall management smoothly.


It will be very helpful to students if they had these in depth knowledge such as project management, administration and documentation. They can be more smoothly integrated into the working environment after graduated, They will be easier to face job interviews and get higher paid.


I like CSD Academy very much because there is a showroom in the academy. I went to many colleges and could not find any college like CSD Academy which have its own special showroom. It's very special, and students can have a better practical experience to learn the structures, details and so on. It is also easier for students to know the important dimensions, such as the height of a kitchen cabinet or aisle and the best way to apply interior material and design concepts.


The two lecturers, Ms. Rena and Mr. Jimmy, are very good and enthusiastic in interior design and lecturing. Both of them are very dedicated in guiding me. When they are teaching, you will feel that the lecturers are teaching you everything that you need to learn and completely applicable to workplace. I am very grateful because I choose the right place.

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