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Malaysian Skills Certificate of Interior Design

Awarded by

Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia

Malaysia has entered the electronic information era of the twenty-first century, and all factories, industries, technology and information fields, factories in various industries are expanding rapidly in various regions and states. These industries now have high-tech expertise and skilled technical talent to help them develop smoothly.

The Malaysian Government's National Technology Development Agency (Jabatan Pembagunan Kemahiran, JPK) allows our public and private vocational colleges and training institutions to collaborate with these professional qualifications institutions in order to improve one's technical level and ability to perform. Providing courses that meet the requirements for various industry certifications, such as the "Malaysian Skills Certificate."

ONLY students with good grades, practical knowledge and skills, and enrollment in an academy recognised by Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia (CSD Academy) are eligible to receive this certificate. Possessing this certificate is an added benefit to having a high rate of job employment.

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