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Course Overview

Interior design is the combination of art and science to enhance the interior space of the building in creating a more pleasant and comfortable environment for people. Interior design is a multifaceted profession, including concept development, space planning, engineering investigation, research, communication with project stakeholders, construction management and design execution. In Malaysia, the interior design industry is expected to continue developing even during the good times and bad times.

  • During the early years, the founder of CSD Academy noticed that many of the interior design graduates did not meet the market demand. They are lacking in certain hard and soft skills, which can only be acquired through work experience. This leads to a high unemployment rate among fresh graduates, as well as a scarcity of talents in the current market and country's development era.

  • CSD Academy developed the Interior Design course in 2009 with the most up-to-date course content to strengthen the most demanding subjects in the workplace, such as innovation, technology, details, and other subjects.


  • With over 30 years of work experience and more than 12 years of teaching experience, the founder and lecturer team not only have the most qualified teaching expertise, but they've also established a complete online and offline teaching methods. In the mean time, they will regularly update the course content and include the most UP-TO-DATE syllabus to ensure that students keep up with the country's and market's developments, and that they can enter the workforce immediately after graduation.

Programme Name:

Advanced Diploma In Interior Design

Qualifications Awarded:

1. Advanced Diploma In Interior Design

2. Malaysian Skills Certificate of Interior Design

Awarded By:

1. GULL American University

2. Malaysia Ministry of Human Resources

Qualifications Recognition:

1. Recognized by worldwide internationally

2. Accredited by Malaysia Ministry of Human Resources

Course Duration:

2 Years


January, April, May, June, July, October

*Subject to Change (Please contact us for latest info)


Kuala Lumpur

(Online and Offline)

Qualifications Awarded

We offer Dual Certification for our Advanced Diploma in Interior Design students:

Entry Requirement

16 years old and above

No Drawing Skill Requirement

No Minimum Academic Requirement

Course Fee

< RM36,000.00

24 Months Installment Plan

Education Loan Programme

Why Choose CSD Academy ?

Advanced Diploma Programme with Dual Certification Awarded

Graduates who complete Advanced Diploma course in CSD Academy will be awarded with International Advanced Diploma certificate issued by GULL American University and Malaysian Skills Certificate issued by Malaysia Ministry of Human Resources

No Minimum Academic Requirement

To provide wider learning opportunities to anyone who is enthusiastic in learning interior design and becoming a profession 

Bilingual Teaching

Switching between two languages easily helps students develop their literacy skills, as well as their verbal intelligence and social skills. In an interconnected and rapidly changing world, there is an increased demand for a multilingual workforce, and the ability to conduct business in more than one language is becoming more critical. Bilingual people frequently hold higher positions and earn higher wages than their monolingual counterparts in the same industry

On-the-Job Guidance and Coaching

To provide guidance to CSD Academy graduates in their actual work environment. Students will be able to handle work problems with confidence and be ready to face any obstacles in other companies.

Student Showcase




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