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Our Story

Malaysia #1 NDTS Dual Certification Programme with Dual Language Design Academy

CSD Academy  (formerly known as CSD Interior Design & Art Training Academy), is the FIRST Academy in Malaysia that offers Dual Certification Programme, and it adopts a bilingual Chinese and English teaching mode. CSD Academy is an Award-Winning Design Academy founded in 2009, collaborating with JPK, GULL University (USA) and Warnborough College (UK). CSD Academy is an academy that has been authorised by the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources to provide vocational skills curriculum for over 13 years.


We offer the international standard of high quality teaching and learning opportunities to nurture the future talents in the industry. Our mission is to provide the best teaching performance in enhancing the adaptability of our graduates into the workplace, thus improving the unemployment rate in our industry. Our student has the ability and confidence to face any work challenge after graduation as a professional with professional skills.

In 2011, CSD Academy was recognised by the Department of Skills Development (JPK) from Ministry of Human Resources of the Malaysian Government as a powerful academy, and we were invited to be published in the JPK magazine of the Ministry of Human Resources of the Malaysian Government in 2019. We are the only academy among the five major brands invited to publish in JPK Magazine 2019 in Kuala Lumpur. Every year, the American (USA) University bestows the Best Center Award and the Center of Excellence Award on our academy for outstanding performance and high-quality teaching method.

"Design comes from life, and life changes because of design. Achieve space harmony, make the design valuable, and let the details create perfection." --- <Founder of CSD Academy>

Build your career as a practical designer in CSD Academy.

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